At eye4TALENT our passion is talent development. We are founded in Denmark and we are a team of highly entrepreneurial people who have combined our diverse backgrounds to revolutionize talent development in the world of football.

Together with professionals and partners from the highest rank of sports and academia, we have created a
360° Talent Development Platform that gives exceptional overview in one place.

Our Platform unites players, coaches, scouts and managers while simultaneously enhancing the involvement of talents in their own development
– in a whole new transforming way.

The result is one platform for the entire staff to collaborate and to use their own valuable data to produce more and better home-grown talents for the 1st team.

Our roots are Scandinavian, our reach is global.

Our why

We do it because we believe that placing talents in the front seat of their own development increases ownership, enhances reflection, strengthens the player-coach relationship which accelerates talent development.

We have a unique mindset and we come with a different and innovative approach. With our platform we are revolutionizing the way clubs, academies, sports schools and federations are working with their talents.


Our recipe

One Platform – Overview in one place

Set a common course, collaborate and see the bigger picture from scouting, recruitment and development to production

Empower your data

Support your decisions with facts instead of gut feelings and sensations through powerful insights.

Talents in the front seat

Involve your talents on a whole new level in their own development to increase ownership and enhance reflection.



To motivate talents in their ownership and supporting their ability to take an even greater responsibility for their own development and learning, using clever IT-tools.



We want to pioneer and democratize talent development – leveraging globalization and digitalization… it is not just about products, it is about realizing the human potential.

Backed by

Carsten Lønfeldt

Former CFO Coloplast

Peter Højland

Former CEO Superfos

Hugo Andersen

Former CEO Tryg Baltica




  • "It is clear that this an innovative and well thought out solution. It is also clear that the people at eye4TALENT is football professionals who knows the business and cultureeye4TALENT solves our problem with collecting data from all of our scouts and youth trainers. Their tools are giving us a common platform from where all necessary information is available."

    Sune Smith-Nielsen, Sports Manager FC Copenhagen School of Excellence

  • “In FC Nordsjælland it is very important that the players are willing to take ownership of their own learning… This mindset is a central part of eye4TALENT’s DNA and this will also enhance the possibilities for our coaches and managers to provide unique feedback for the players.”

    Jan Laursen, Sports Manager, FC Nordsjælland Academy.

  • ”I see players who have significantly greater ownership and commitment when using analysis post-match. Increased ownership and commitment are two essential parameters when players in general have to take the decision to become a footballer."

    Jacob Bøtker, DBU A-licensed Coach

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