Professional Football Scouts Association



Professional Football Scouts Association, Worldwide

Formed by experienced Premier League scouts. Britain’s leading scouting organization with more than 1000 members. Offers the world’s first accredited scouting course. As a part of that scouts from all over the world will be able to use our 360º Scouting solution.


  • "We at the PFSA are very excited and proud to announce a business partnership with eye4TALENT. The partnership will enhance the development of scouts all around the world using the 4SCOUT app. Scouts need to embrace technology to help identify talent at relevant games."
    Purves Ali, Director The PFSA  
  • "eye4TALENT look forward to cooperate with top professionals from the scouting world. The PFSA's values and profile fit our own, since The PFSA promote professional practice and raise standards for all football scouts worldwide. With this cooperation we bring our platform into the hands of the modern scout that both digitizes and structures the whole scouting process."
    Jesper Thyme Rasmussen, CEO, Co-Founder & Partner eye4TALENT

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